So RASCAL magazine… that’s like a thing now?

After months of creative coffee sessions, contemplative cookie meetups and blatantly furious text messaging in front of professors—we’re here. Welcome to RASCALonline, one of the digital components to our in-the-works print ‘zine.

RASCALonline serves as another facet of our staff and community’s creativity. Here you will find the literary work and cultural commentary of some of the brightest, most observationally intellectual minds we come across. We have art of all shapes and sizes: design, photography, printmaking, videography, and so on.

Our identity is a subtly with teeth. As humans, we are personified substance and attitude. As creators, we strive to be the same.

The possibilities seem endless with RASCALonline because they are: this space will provide a stage for voices who stopped giving a damn somewhere around 1999, in between making out with an N*SYNC poster and coming across their dad’s copy of Nevermind. We are writers who dream of quality, gritty prose and the artists with a unique scope of this confused, cluttered world.

We’re excited to share our thoughts with you, so enjoy.

If you’re interested in contributing to our goal of printing RASCAL magazine, please visit our Indiegogo site. For more RASCAL, check us out on Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter.

Hell yeah,
Your RASCAL team

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