Indiegogo site is up. Donations greatly appreciated.

So what the heck is RASCAL, anyway?

Allison Maloney and Cynthia Robinson (avid readers, critics and all-around geeks) came together in early 2011 with a mutual frustration with the magazine content they’d been consuming. Colloquial, honest prose, humor and high art rarely find themselves in the same publication: they’ve all been replaced with mind-numbing lists and tired profiles of whichever Kardashian’s rump.
Backed with the power of way too much coffee, they decided to change that.
RASCAL magazine was created to serve as an emotionally and aesthetically intriguing collection of literary writing, art, and cultural commentary, aiming to both inspire and connect with readers who are hungry for a little more truth and grit.
A call out to our community brought in about fifty young, creative minds who collectively believe in producing a magazine worth showing off. We are the brightest, most ambitious group of writers, artists, designers, photographers, videographers, and internet-ers you’ll ever come across.
Our identity is a subtly with teeth. As humans, we are personified substance and attitude. As creators, we strive to be the same.

We are reaching out to you all in hopes of making our ambitious goal of printing a magazine into a reality. People stopped believing in print with a furious mob mentality, but we still believe that paper between our fingertips directly drives words to the heart and mind.

All of the money we raise with your help will go directly towards printing RASCAL. Our goal is to print 3,000-5,000 copies to distribute in both our community and by mail, to you, to share in your pockets of the world.

Those who donate will also be a part of the tangible RASCAL, too. We plan to include the names of each contributor in a special page within the magazine.

If you’re unable to donate, or even if you already have, help us by spreading the word! Post our page to Facebook and Twitter! Follow us on Tumblr to help direct attention to our project, or check out RASCALonline, where we are creating a digital voice for the rascal in all of us. Click the “share tools” on our page to spread the word!

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