Wisdom by Tati: lessons of a (soon to be) college graduate

In class, ask questions, even if you are late to class every single day and sometimes have to leave early for a mysterious reason, don’t be ashamed of it, and don’t hide, professors will like your open attitude

The working life is much easier than college, you don’t have to think so much and you usually get to sleep on time, so it’s okay, you’re working hard than most people, you’re doing great

Make sure to expand your horizons during college, meet lots of people, go to the library often, and make lots of mistakes, that way when you see someone older who you don’t want to become, you know exactly what to do

Question your professors, don’t put them down behind their back if you’re not going to question them or openly engage in argument with them like they are real people

Do at least something that you like in each one of your classes, even if you hate the class, there is always some small thing that can fascinate you, and without fascinating things nothing is worth doing

Sometimes it’s okay to perform mediocrely in some aspects so that you can excel at others

Take time to work on a hobby or yourself, because your college degree is only what you make it, and you can’t make it if you don’t develop a personality

Skip class sometimes, for mysterious reasons, but not too often

Tatiana Niko is a bird lover and little tiny Russian person based out of Athens, OH. That photo is her when she was even tinier, but just as curious. Read more of her insight on Tumblr.


2 thoughts on “Wisdom by Tati: lessons of a (soon to be) college graduate

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