Wisdom by Tati: russian people are so russian

Russian people always feel the need to ask you what you’re doing, but before you answer, they feel the need to interject some type of guess, to answer their own question. This proves annoying. For example, “what are you doing? are you doing that thing i told you about? are you watching a movie? isn’t the russian economy so terrible? i never thought people could change so much…”

And so on, without listening to any reply whatsoever. And me being a woman of few words when confronted with many of these Russian conversations, I tend to keep my mouth shut. In order to test how long this one sided talk will go on. Alongside the forceful drinking imposed on me! For example, Russian person says “will you have a glass of wine with me?” No thanks. “What do you mean no thanks here you go” I really have to study “You’ll be fine drink up” I don’t want a refill “That’s just rude it’s just a little refill why aren’t you drinking your wine you’re so skinny and pale you need to drink and eat like we do OH LIFE is without happiness but full of sorrow!”

So far I have been learning many things about life while here in the South. About myself and about not being afraid of things. About who I used to be and who I want to be (a breakthrough actress of supreme giggling quality in every role and movie shot). About love and trees and the pure heart.


This has been another bit of advice from Tatiana Niko, a tiny person who loves birds in Athens, OH. Here she is on the internet! Here she is on RASCALonline before, shedding some wisdom as a college graduate. We like Tatiana because of adorable laugh, but her writing is really fantastic too. Be sure to keep checking in for her nuggets of knowledge.


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