RASCAL, the sleeping giant

RASCAL has been working hard, hard, hard, hard, hard.

We know you’re wondering, “when the hell is that magazine printing?” and if you’re over the age of 30, “what’s a .gif?”

Response: Wave of the future. That shit’s pretty cool when done right. (See: Ashleigh Dye, Patrick Griffith)

Well, here’s news. Our design team was working to complete their senior thesis show that debuted last week. The work they produced was impressive and inspiring, and we were happy to get the chance to cheer their efforts on at the exhibition show. Hanging out with designer Matt Roth yesterday, we shook hands and agreed that in order to create the best product, a piece of work to be proud of, we should take our time in crafting RASCAL. Each page should be taken care of with respect for the content.

It’s nearly graduation, so there is a lot going on and a lot of emotion hanging in the air for everyone who is leaving our home. The remainder of us in Athens will be able to distribute amongst our friends here, but we understand that printing post-graduation will require shipping and all that, and we understand that. Whatever, dudes. We’re fine with that because we think you’re going to like this a lot.

Our magazine combines art and wit and all of our individual hard work. It has brought together a community of random creative people, all enthusiastic to just do something together. We love each other, we’ve loved this experience. Granted, there are things we would do differently, but every start-up has growing pains. We grew up together, and the magazine will be a reflection of that.

RASCAL’s focus right now is finishing up design with focused attention, coordinating mailing arrangements and boosting our web presence. Keep coming here for cool writing and art and funny stuff. We’re implementing regular features and hope to include more of our talented friends work as they create and share it with us.

Thanks for sticking by our side.


2 thoughts on “RASCAL, the sleeping giant

    • Hi Gina! After graduation in June, our design team and editors all scattered to different parts of the United States (Chicago, Olympia, San Francisco, Brooklyn). In starting our post-grad careers, some “real life” stuff pushed our print plans back- adjustment to new spaces, sickness of loved ones.

      We still plan on printing, we are still in constant communication and we still plan on showing off the talented work of all those who contributed. All donations are still secure in a savings account, not a dime has been spent.

      In order to create the best possible finished product, it’s important that our hearts and minds are in the right place to finish out strong– RASCAL is not something we want to rush, we want to be a product of quality. We’re coming.

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