VIDEO – Cinematographer Tyler Zak

Tyler Zak, recent Ohio University graduate with a degree in Video Production collaborated with your Executive Editor and Rascal contributor Cynthia Robinson on Chez la Fleuriste, a touching story of Robert, “a successful business man trudging through an unfulfilling life, who finds himself wooed by Catherine, a whimsical extrovert and lover of French film.” Chez will be premiering in the Athens area in the Fall and also, of course, online.

Tyler Zak, master of the camera

Tyler Zak’s photography will also be featured in Rascal’s first print issue, also coming soon.

Ty and Cynth at work

Robert is played by Caleb Fullen, a Senior at Ohio University and Catherine is played by Ohio University Junior Gretchen Kessler. Both have been featured in multiple films in the area.

You can check out more of Tyler’s work here

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