Life at The Smiling Skull: an Introduction

Hey dudes, Ashleigh Dye here. College dropout since 2009, Skulltender since January, lover of wackos and weirdos alike since birth, and now a columnist*.

Maybe you’ve been to my Tumblr before, maybe we’re friends (in which case you may want to find a new blog to read as I’ve probz already excitedly told you all these stories) or maybe you have no idea who I am or why the fuck you’re reading this in the first place. Regardless I can no longer go without documenting my life working at the Smiling Skull. It’d be plain selfish of me to keep stories like that of Darrel G to myself; who said things to me like “Last time I was here I had both my eyes and money looked different.”

Working at the Skull is like a continual lesson in alternative life studies. Sometimes I get downright teary-eyed thinking about how blessed I am to have such a rag tag bunch of country bumpkins teach me about life and gardening and the best way to grow weed and cross dressing and bring me homemade carrot cake gaja treats and fresh picked strawberries and bbq ribs.

Maybe the Skull isn’t the best subject matter for a column, or maybe I should start brushing up on my grammar, or maybe I should try and stay sober before I write these things.

But alas I can make no promises so come one and come all and welcome to the circus that is my life and the Smiling Skull.
<3<3<3<3<3GOD BLESS THE SMILING SKULL<3<3<3<3<3

You’ve certainly seen Ashleigh here on RASCAL before, but check back in every Tuesday for this new reoccurring feature. We’re back, motherfuckers. 


3 thoughts on “Life at The Smiling Skull: an Introduction

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