TUNES – An Interview With Neko Case

RASCAL Emily Votaw got the opportunity to interview Neko Case before Nelsonville Music Festival last year while reppin’ ACRN. This is the magic that came of it.

Emily Votaw: When you perform live, do you have any goals in mind?

Neko Case: Just to connect with people. So that people can know something more about what they are listening to, to let people know that we’re real, normal nerds.

EV: Has your approach to performing live changed over the years?

NC: I don’t think so. I’m sure there are subtle ways it has changed, but I am very used to it because I have been doing it for so long. I think there are a lot of things that I have gotten a lot less nervous about over time. Y’know, it is what I do all the time.

EV: Are there any other spots on the 2011 tour that you are really looking forward to?

NC: Um, I am excited to go back to Athens, Ga. It’s the other Athens outside of Ohio, so that’s kind of hilarious… my double Athens extravaganza tour.

EV: There will be a lot of college age students at the Nelsonville Music Festival, because it’s so close to OU. What kind of music did you listen to when you were that age?

NC: There wasn’t anything I wouldn’t listen to at that age, and I’ve pretty much stayed that way. I don’t know, I didn’t really get music from mainstream media at all,I would pretty much listen to anything. And I played in bands, a lot of bands, in college, so it was a very important way to kind of figure out what it was I wanted to do, by just exposing myself to a lot of music.

EV: Over the years, what has been your favorite album to work on?

NC: Well, I don’t really know. Because they’re all different. Basically what happens is, you go back to the studio and every single time, well, for me personally, anyway, every time I go back to the studio, I think “This is going to be so much easier because I know so much more” because I spent so much time on the last record, and there’s always a set of problems. Because when you know more, you kind of raise the bar for yourself in a way. You become more critical and finely tuned to things.

Y’know, for me personally I am just always trying to not over-censor myself and to just kind of be a little more loose with things because it’s really easy to overanalyze. So, they’re all different. And you do learn things from every one, so I couldn’t say which one I enjoyed working on the most because when you are working on an record, you are so microscopically tuned into what you are doing, I couldn’t even imagine being outside of it when I’m inside of it, y’know what I mean? It’s all-consuming.

EV: So far as contributing to that drive, is there anything in particular that really inspires you?

NC: I’m kind of one of those people who are pretty excited about everything. So I guess just filtering it down to smaller things, and editing, is the really hard part. So I guess, I don’t know, like I said, it’s hard to pinpoint one thing. Literature probably feeds my drive to make songs more than anything, but I can get excited about just about anything.

EV: So far as with literature, is there any book or author or poet that really excites you?

NC: There might be a lot more Angela Carter to do with this album, perhaps. And there will always be “Watership Down.”

EV: Over your career you’ve done a lot of really interesting covers, and I was wondering what it was like to cover The Zombies’ “She’s Not There” with Nick Cave recently?

NC: It was very strange because I had about a day and a half’s notice to do it. I just got the call out of the blue. Luckily I knew the song really well… ahhhh sorry, I’m yawning, I’ve been outside all day… I don’t know. It’s the kind of thing that I would normally be really afraid of, but since I had no notice and I thought “Well, all right!” I just kind of jumped in with both feet. And Nick Cave wasn’t actually there. He sent in his part from Europe, but I have heard it, and it sounds totally nuts. Very fitting, for True Blood, for sure.

EV: Is there anything you have been personally listening to a lot recently?

NC: Recently I’ve kind of gone back to Camera Obscura pretty obsessively. It’s kind of become my main thing lately.

This is only a portion of Emily’s interview- for the rest, check out ACRN. Stay tuned for more of her awesome work and be sure to check out her interview with Guided by Voices’ Kevin Fennell

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