“Recluse” by Paige Barker

With the dregs of my life

And sand from my eyes,

I have woven the many strands

Which suspend me,

In time, in mind,

Hang and preserve me,

In abyss,

In denial.

I beckon with the arms of Durga

To my pendent Eden isle.

But eight arms, eight legs,

My work looms impenetrable,

As I wanted it to be.

Yet self-acted proscription,

I am cleaved

And cleaved.

Please do tread my gluings,

So well-worn and paced over the years,

Nearly a decade.

Crystalline spun perversion of peace

Nestled amid green arms of the hawthorn

I scurry,

I reel

And heave.

Deny my extra rib,

Extra barb before my heart.

I’m not to be found.

You wouldn’t conceive of

My foreign flora

Foreign fauna,

My trappings,
In Svātantrya.

Paige Barker is a talented poet in Athens, OH. And just for good measure, because why the hell not…


One thought on ““Recluse” by Paige Barker

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