Life at The Smiling Skull: God Bless Chris Wolfe

This week, I’d like to focus on a little boss appreciation. Throughout my roughly 22 years of life so far I have had many bosses: bosses who have affairs with co-workers, bosses who always smell like farts, bosses who run illegal coke businesses and ask you to wear shirts that say, “I love sausages” and bosses who are so near death they make one uncomfortable to be around. But today I’d like to brag about the world’s best boss, Christopher Wolfe. Better known by patrons and employees alike as ‘Wolfy’, Chris has been the most unique and entertaining superior I’ve had the pleasure of working for thus far in my life of a minimum wage employee. Below is a simple demonstrating the differences between Wolfy and some of the most heinous bosses of my past; and proving why boss is better than yours.

So now that I’m done gloating and you can all see and be jealous of my stellar boss I’d like to take this time to say thank you Chris Wolfe, because although the smell of stale beer and regurgitated whiskey are now constants in my life at least I have your unique sense of ruling and perverted jokes to make it all worth while.

This has been Life at the Smiling Skull, a weekly column by everyone’s favorite bad bitch Ashleigh Dye. Check back in next week for more, but in the mean time: check out her previous columns and art, art, art. Also, here’s her Tumblr!

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