Wisdom by Tati: the only girl I knew who was saving up for college never went to college

This was in middle school and I was way less mature than I am now, although every day I be maturing, and my friend told me she had a job and was saving up for college because there were many kids in her family. I was like “cohllege?!” She gave me this mature look and looked away. She ended up getting married and having a baby instead.

This other girl I knew in high school told me she was going to be a house wife when she grew up. I’m not sure she cared who she got married to or anything else, just that she fulfilled that role of a housewife. Maybe. Who knows.

Sometimes I meet people who are so well rounded and give so much to their community because they have certain knowledge and skills that are useful. I, on the other hand, got to thinking about what I was giving back to the community and to humanity at large. I don’t want to appear like one of those messy and confused young adults who do nothing but spontaneous living on the edge of the world (My car is still beat up. Many of my things are lost throughout the spontaneous world. I haven’t had an address since last summer. And I know less about making food than the 6 year old I met last night). I guess all that we need to do is survive and let the universe decide the rest. But I just couldn’t put a finger on any skills or knowledge that I have to be shared with others. I felt so selfish and small. Even though I went to college.

Another nugget of wisdom from the lovely Tatiana Niko. If you are familiar with us, you are familiar with her: she’s been featured on our site before.


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