“The Diver” by Steven Kapela

The Diver

In her white cap and
Silvery one-piece,
She feels the levity
Of the board,
The ponderousnsess
Of the air, and the heft
Of herself, all of which,
Will shy her into the sky,
And through
The cerulean surface below.

A standard front dive:
Once she bends downward
After tucking, and her legs
Align straightly with the
Rest of her svelte torso;
She’s sucked into the air
Then gulped by the water
Where she disappears.

We wait, silently mystified
At the idea of someone
So fluvial in form; mystified
We should expect something
To emerge from where
There appeared no inlet,
Like a ghost leaving a grave
Yet to be dug.
We wait for her to surface
By listening for the sound
Of a splash.

No splash. The water
Isn’t breaking—
It is as if she is not a diver,
But a breath inhaled,
Deep into the blood and tissue.
A sharp, silver gasp
Lodged in our bodies’
Fleshy interstices.
I exhale as she reappears;
Watching water undulate
And ripple beneath its
Still surface.

This is the first poem by Steven Kapela to be featured here on RASCAL, but it certainly won’t be the last.


2 thoughts on ““The Diver” by Steven Kapela

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