VIDEO – Andrea Otto’s “Nite Sweat”

“Nite Sweat” is a stop motion project concerning a couch potato influenced by the convincing nature of a pay-per-view aerobics pitch. Andrea Otto, who served as co-writter, director, producer, production designer, photographer, editor, costume designer, and animator. (Holy hell that’s a list!) created the video as an independent study while at Ohio University and the short is an obvious labor of love. The intricate details of all aspects of the piece- plotline, design of the figures, ease of animation, even the flashes of the mini-TV set- all point towards creativity utilized towards something the creator cared about. Check it out, then check out the behind the scenes blog that details the process.

Andrea currently lives in Los Angeles, where she’s conceptualizing new ideas, tutoring in stop motion and probably dressing pretty stylishly. She’s also  with n a u t i c o on Thee Oh Sees video we recently posted. Find her on the internet and on RASCAL again in the near future. 

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