“Wad” by Paige Barker

Paper falls on my eyelids—
Hemp kites, hasty rolled tunnels
Black hole, twists the other end.

Woven privilege
Pumped down by the bigger brother,
Dispersed and lost,

 Now clenched tight in sticky fists
And moving up, up and up

Through greens and browns,
Withdrawn pinks, blues and yellows,
Mercurial whites and tans.

Spend the night in a shell
Waxing to pearl,
Wake up and unpeel.

Opals gleam red
And reflect only themselves,
Shrouded in sheets and haze.

Self righteous,
Bartimaeus sans Savior.

This is the second time we’ve shared the poetic stylings of Paige Barker. She is deeply dark and weird… all of the things that we love. Read her poem “Recluse,” featured a week or so back. 

Photo by Alli Maloney


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