Wisdom by Tati: everything i(s) boring

life is boring, but only when you’re not doing what you want to do

adults are boring, especially

i’m never going to be an adult because i will always make changes and choices in my life and not be self-centered

i’m going to buy a scooter and ride across the country

bars are boring, when i’m at a bar i think about how i want to go home and paint

houses are boring, i like to lay on the grass with my limbs spread out

the internet is boring when you take a vacation from it and it’s not that interesting afterwards

“i either have 40 more years left on this earth or 40 more seconds” -prather

Read Tatiana’s last piece of insight here. Find her on Tumblr here.


2 thoughts on “Wisdom by Tati: everything i(s) boring

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