“Séance” by Linton Lewis


Every friend I’ve lost is still alive

but I’ll hold a séance anyway.

I’ll gather photos and mixtapes, pile them

on a Ouija Board, let black magic

do what phones and Facebook can’t.


I’ll conjure you away from countertops

lined with green beans, turn you translucent,

and say hi. Maybe you’ll love it, a vacation

from despot skin, fascist bones.

Maybe an out-of-body experience is better

than a three-day-weekend.


We can drive to the nearest ghost town,

hit up the bar, or stop at the Dead Letter Office

to look for correspondence we never sent.

We can use algebra and chaos theory

to find which raised eyebrow, which casual quip

split us like an atom and led to lives

with room only for women and children.


And when unshoveled driveways and lovers’

necks call you back to the land

of the living and your aura starts to fade and

you say, “We should do this again sometime,”

I’ll nod, reverse the spell, release

you, so you can roam like a spirit bear

in the Yukon, just a white dot

cresting a distant hill.


Photo: Brooke Shanesy


Linton Lewis is an Ohio University alumni who also received his MFA in Creative Writing at Minnesota State University where he serves as an English instructor. He’s also got this really cool mansion where we have these fly themed parties


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