TUNES – New Grizzly Bear single, “Yet Again”

Horn of Plenty was recorded almost single-handedly by Ed Droste and was released in 2004 as Grizzly Bear’s debut album. Yellow House and Veckatimest followed suit in the years after, but fans have been hungry for another record since 2009, waiting patiently as band members concentrated on other projects… bassist/multi-instrumentalist/producer Chris Taylor’s project CANT has successfully emerged as a force to be fucked with (nautico made a video for them that we showed you first!) and all of the gents have been making guest appearances around the world with artists like Feist and St. Vincent.

Eight years since Droste penned the songs for Horn of Plenty in his bedroom, everyone involved is older, maybe a bit wiser, and evidently hooked on the art of the quirky tweet. Here’s five personal favorites from Droste’s feed

1. on the appetizer front I do wish people would try to pair beets with other things than goat cheese (June 6)

2.No joke, every child under 12 all up in this airport has an iPad. Random side note: the 7 year old sitting next to me is listening to “Duck Sauce” (June 21)

3. h8 u scalpers. h8 u ticket fees. ❤ you all (June 8)

4. I only know how to preach vibes (April 9)

5.  Doodle –ly doo! (July 26)

Expect maximum indie rock from the Brooklyn foursome on September 18 when their fourth full length effort, Shields, drops. “Yet Again” is the second single from the album, premiering on BBC Radio 1’s Zane Lowe Show earlier this month.

RASCAL is pleased to announce that Emily Votaw is going to be officially taken on as our music writer. She’s already in talks with bands already for exclusive interviews, so consider this her first “hello” writing exclusively for us. We are excited to have her as a part of our team, and no, it’s not just because she has talked to Neko Case (ohmygodEmilycanIjusttouchyourmouthbecauseittalkedtoher?!)


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