VIDEO – Anne Geddes, Beneath the Diaper

We were turned onto this bit by John Heeg of nautico, who worked bcam for Paulilu to develop the hysterical video. They release a new video for the Paulilu Mixtape of comedy gold every Tuesday under Above Average Productions

[EDITOR’S NOTE: I feel like the 1990’s were full of really ridiculous photo essays. Maybe it has something to do with the advertising industry, but everyone was selling something really well, most likely while wearing brown lipstick. Anne Geddes is no exception. She was hawking babies. My sister once got an Anne Geddes coffee table book for Christmas and I wish more than anything I could find the photograph of her gleefully showing it off for the camera. It was during her AAU basketball period and she was very much into rocking the slicked back bun with the “piece-ys pulled down to frame the face” look.

Also, shout out to Celine Dion.]

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