It’s Cool to Care About: Deep Chatham’s New Record

Something about the season of summer makes me crave driving down North Carolina’s backroads, bending deep across and over Chatham County.

The fields blanket the bare earth and tug it’s potential skyward, a world embroidered with pine trees and dogwood branches weeping towards themselves into tunnels as I’d ride down Jeff (above, right) and Julian’s (above, left) respective gravel driveways as a wee Pittsboro babe. The land of the old north pine is laden with foolish fireflies and nights wrapped in the sunset-flush of a glass of red wine and to me, North Carolina is a place where every day feels pretty good. Maybe we are in Deep Chatham overdrive, or maybe I just love listening to folk music then trying to write after three cups of coffee.

“Going to Carolina in my mind” has been a very real part of my life since I left my home state in 2008*- my interneting is most often southern-centric and frequently I freak out because I like banjos so fucking much (in the shower, on the way to and from work, in a weird dream I had about two weeks ago). Deep Chatham reminds me that in whatever corner of the world I’ve decided to sulk in, bluegrass music is politely tucked in my pocket, waiting for me to go ahead ask for some readied affection.

The gentlemen of Deep Chatham– Jeff Loops, Julian Sikes and Matt Heckler- recently finished up their Escape from New Orleans tour, having released their first studio album, Words From the Well, not long before. While on the road, they were interviewed by Sedge Thomson on West Coast Live, performing across national airwaves in celebration of Woody Guthrie’s 100th birthday, got an Avett Brothers website endorsement (for those who love comparing bands to other bands), played for huge crowds across the country, and apparently posed for these pictures:

Now the band is trying to record a second studio album and are in need of some help. Using Kickstarter to help plead their case, they employ a ridiculous video to help do so with style and personality. It’s well-produced and funny to boot… lovers of technology destruction have to watch it all the way through.


Asking people for money can be such a pain in the ass but if you’re interested in having a hand the fabulousness to come, visit their page! They are still far from reaching their goal of raising $6,000 and ain’t too proud to beg. The rewards will be twangy and sweet.

* Fresh with 60k in student loans, I’m also the kind of writer who drops James Taylor references in articles about North Carolina. Hire me for the love of god, so I can maybe not ever do that again.

Allison Maloney writes from Olympia, Washington. 

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