“Someone Will Visit You Soon” by Steven Kapela

Today’s profits are
yesterday’s good well ripened;
to find yourself, think for
yourself because
the important thing is to never
stop questioning;
when the moment comes,
take the first one from the right;
think before you act
impulsively because pride is a good thing—
but don’t overdose on it.
You will find a bushel of money, or
peace, or hope but
think before sharing with others?
You are magnetic in your bearing
And our minds are like parachutes…
there is beauty in that simplicity,
especially if they can function well
when open.
It’s easy to find something bad
about someone but
it’s much harder to do the opposite.
Foolish men speak quickly,
but smart men so on and so on;
vegetable translates to shu cai, and running, pao
Most days it feels like
tiny white pieces of paper are pao my life…
and maybe that’s not true,
but it certainly feels like it is in
another pair of folded hands,
other than my own.
Take advice that needs
to be heard but follow instinct.

Sometimes our course appears fixed with so many
stop-signs, green-lights, and yields
telling me which direction &
how fast to go; & when to merge, & where to exit—
anything can be portentous, and it is.
Outside, a fender bender has happened
that somehow I didn’t notice before, despite
my red restaurant booth having a window
not far from the scene.
Next to the dented wreckage of her civic the driver,
a tall woman in blue, emerges undamaged
and finds hope after seeing
that no one was hurt;
a few cars back there is a bald man
stuck in the resulting traffic jam;
while other commuters honk with awful impatience,
he reclines his chair back and kicks
his feet up on the dashboard, pleased
that today has granted him
this minor detour, this moment of
such pleasant misfortune.

Meanwhile, here I am
sorting through fortunes like broken shards of
glass, looking into each piece of paper
for a glimpse into my unreadable future.

Steven Kapela’s work has been featured here on RASCAL twice before.


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