Pre-interview introduction to Arrington de Dionyso

Gucci Shane and I were knee-deep in internet conversation two nights ago. He’d just been relieved of his nightly duties as Head Salesman at the always questionable wings-and-chicken-product establishment in our college town, I was getting overly emotional listening to indie music heavy on brass instruments in my kitchen with a clogged sink.

Having just uprooted my entire existence and transplanted myself in Olympia, WA to submerge myself in the land of K and Calvin Johnson, the conversations with friends move naturally towards what artists off the label they ingest. Knowing little about Shane’s taste in music, aside from that which he plays and the shows we’ve seen together, I was pleased when he dropped Arrington de Dionyso‘s name right off the bat.

Arrington de Dionyso dominates the world of crazy ass free jazz, throat singing, and experimental clarinet wailing. His 15-year project Old Time Relijun, wild solo work and entirely-Indonesian Malaikat dan Singa have all laced the fantastically intense moments of my life with personalized hallucinations that seem to make the most sense.

Conversing with Shane was just a reminder to revisit OTJ jams while browsing Arrington’s Tumblr full of his intensely erotic and colorful visual art, but I actually just met with the man himself in the backyard of an old synagogue and conducted an interview about his recent stint in Europe and upcoming album.

Here’s a few of my favorite pieces of his work to hold you over until my feature is finished, likely after Helsing Junction festivities this weekend, where he happens to be performing.

By Allison Maloney


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