ART – “Roadkill,” the demented dreams of Stephanie Barker

Death and decay: the only thing more attractive is Satan himself. I met photographer and artist Stephanie Barker a handful of times before working up the courage to speak with her. Dark haired and perpetually blank-faced, she intimidated the hell out of me by seemingly not giving a shit about any of the words coming out of my mouth and bothered my overbearing nervous laugh- the kind of woman who you can tell does cooler stuff than you, just by being around her. We eventually connected over smokes and a bottle of Mark Twain outside the Morgue (literally, a morgue turned into a house), where I discovered that she is brimming over with goofy kindness and straightforward love for radical women, black clothes and pizza.

Her “Roadkill” series, featured originally in her senior thesis show, struck a serious chord. We both embody a deep-seeded penchant for dead shit, especially animals in decay, and the unappreciated and mistreated deposits into roadside soil and rocks makes for a fabulous artistic scope.

Stephanie addresses the beauty of darkness and half-attached fur through her own weirdo lens, a rotting smell RASCAL is proud to share with you.


Words by Allison Maloney


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