Musing of a White American Male Asshole: Modern Politics a.k.a. Game of Thrones

Right now, the Republican National Convention is occurring. Meanwhile, a hurricane threatens to destroy Florida.

These two things may or may not have something to do with one another.

Among the most noteworthy things to have occurred with our conservative buddies in the last week and a half include two recorded incidents by both Senatorial and Vice Presidential candidates describing rape as both “legitimate conception.” Oh yeah, and apparently there is such a thing as “forcible” rape.

Welcome to the right-wing my friends.

This is modern. This is advanced. This is so engrossing it should be illegal. I am of course talking about the production values in the most recent season of Game of Thrones, which shares a lot in common with our current political process: psychopathic dynasties, constant betrayal, disregard for human life, obsession with power, circulation of ill-suited rulers etc. I could go on but the point is things really haven’t changed all that much. As recently as the 2005, Henry Paulson – who by the way was the former CEO of Goldman-Sachs, you may have heard of them when they led the charge into economic oblivion – accepted the post as Secretary of the Treasury in the Bush administration. No brainer right? After all he had SO MUCH PRIVATE SECTOR EXPERIENCE that the Republicans cum for every election. Thing is, the only reason he took it was so he didn’t have to pay taxes on the $450 million dollar golden parachute he received from his company as pension.

Now, I’m not even going to attempt to hide my own feelings toward the matter since I don’t want to delude you the reader into thinking I’m trying to play grab-ass with both sides of the aisle. Truth is, I’m a balls-deep liberal. However, I definitely do not identify Democrat. When I vote (which is rare) it usually happens to be for Democratic causes because they are the politicians who at least PRETEND to have the same beliefs as I. Plus, I tend to value personal freedom and consequently the freedoms of other, moral peoples over the faux-individualism of corporate lackeys who would rather be able to repossess a house than allow gay marriage.

I can respect an opposite opinion. For example, not to purposely stir controversy, but abortion is a very complicated topic. When does life begin? This is an interesting question. I just happen to believe in a grown (or even not so grown) woman’s choice and right over her body over the non-opinions of a gestating zygote. I especially believe this because I’m a white American MALE asshole. Put simply: what the fuck right do I have to tell ANYONE what to do, let alone someone who has to endure things I can’t possibly experience. It always strikes me as odd that pro-lifers tend to be more concerned with a fetus than the MILLIONS OF KIDS IN FOSTER HOMES. Who, by the way, were given up for adoption by Christian teenagers in the Midwest which, ironically, has the HIGHEST rates of abortion. Figure that shit out. Or rather don’t since it’s fucking obvious.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s more than the right-wing that causes so many ruckuses in this nation of ours. The left is not immune to criticism nor should it be. Politics as a whole are a farce. I don’t delude myself, and nor should you, into thinking it truly makes a difference who has the titles in the country. Because it’s never going to be us.

The thing about the Republican party – and I’m talking big-time power players who set the agenda and tell their weak-minded middle American followers what to think – is that they are completely immune to feedback. Stephen Colbert was dead-on when he coined “truthiness.” As long as it FEELS right, conservatives will most often believe it. Republican party is a club. They put on the show of diversity but they are all white. They are predominantly male. Their females are invariably sheltered and extremely poor examples of humanity. They have a few token African-American and people of other nationalities who are seemingly picked at random (ex. Michael Steele, Herman Cain, etc.) Even at the Republican National Convention, where a Romney-supported bill to limit outside participation from third-party candidates was met with certainly more boos than affirmation. Yet Speaker of the House John Boehner claimed it passed unanimously. Even the people WITHIN the party can’t change it.

It will always be ridiculous to me, that in this land of the free and home of the brave, in this paradise of choice and individuality, we really only have TWO choices. And more often than not those choices are: diet or regular? Problem is, there really isn’t much difference to either. Just different coloring on the bottle.


This isn’t the first piece of malice from Sam Flynn. Grit your teeth with more Musings.

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