“Sunrise, Sunset, Eclipse” by Steven Kapela

So often does Night argue
with Day. No one knows
how tough it is raising
a daughter as bright and
rebellious as her. Day is always
talking back. She refuses dinner
and locks herself in her
room. Now, Day runs away.
And Night is so worried and angry.
A couple tears drip down
her worn out, wrinkled face,never weak in demeanor.
She phones the police, calls
neighbors, calls her husband
who never answers and only
calls back after it’s too late…
Determined to teach her daughter
a lesson, she heads into
the streets to find her.
But just as Night leaves, Day
reappears, looking for a way
back inside. She’s locked out and
frightened of the storm winds
rustling leaves and bending the trees
as their shadows encroach,
whispering amongst themselves like strangers.
She fearfully calls for her mother
through the mail slot, but no answer.
Cold, scared, and homesick,
Day slumps with her back against the house,
pondering in her rain-soaked pajamas,
if Night was right about
growing up—right about everything
that happens after dark.


At this point,Steven Kapela is a seasoned RASCAL. For that, we are eternally pleased. 

Photo by John David Heeg


One thought on ““Sunrise, Sunset, Eclipse” by Steven Kapela

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