Naomi Punk’s “Burned Body” music video

Naomi Punk released their first (now sold out) LP,The Feeling, earlier this year on Couple Skate Records and have since been snatched up and signed to Brooklyn’s Captured Tracks. “Burned Body,” song featured in the video above, exemplifies why they are the fuzzy fucking gem of the Pacific Northwest. Heaviness that you were previously unaware you held atop your chest, now beautifully sliced-up in black and white video form.

Pitchfork digs em, The New Yorker says they have a “deranged carnival vibe” and now you know how we feel, too (just great).

The Feeling will be available on CD and vinyl format on November 20th, the same month as their impending east coast tour. If you’re anxious, Naomi Punk will also be on iTunes October 16th, but that seems like bullshit. Buy the records you like and hold them in your hands, god damnit!


Lazily written by Allison Maloney


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