ART — “Menstreality” by Samantha Bailo

Once a month, she is an artist. These are paintings from her menstrual blood.

Samantha Bailo is an artist in Athens, OH and a student everywhere, always, at all times. You can reach out to her via Tumblr. She is currently a babe abroad… you can follow her Ecuadorian travel adventures here


19 thoughts on “ART — “Menstreality” by Samantha Bailo

  1. I have never seen anything so badass in my life!!! Such a bold reclamation of the cunt. Perhaps I will be so inspired next month… Thanks for your courage, Samantha.

  2. this is without a doubt the most ludicrous, asinine, and unapologetically retarded thing I’ve ever seen. This is an example of how art gets weighed more on the media than it’s actual merits. Had this been done in any other medium, we wouldn’t even be reading this article right now. The medium used is the ONLY reason we’re talking about it, and I suspect the “artist” full well knows this and is playing to an audience who doesn’t dare have the audacity to put it to question for fear of not looking like they “get it” so that they can attempt to appear deeper and more introspective than a mud puddle. The only POSSIBLE way the “artist” could be in any way unaware of exactly what she’s doing is if she’s an absolute bobble-headed twit.

    • I found “southern studies” to be clever and Samantha is an artist, so there is no need for quotation marks.

      In this case, the weight of the art is based entirely on the medium. That is the point. The medium is the merit.


      • My point in this is that there are some really great artists who are women…Aunia Khan, Jessica Ward, and Lori Earley are a few of my favorites…and they don’t need to resort to tripe like this. They are dedicated, skilled, and expressive without the need of novelty “hooks” to shock you into paying attention.

      • They don’t now, but perhaps they dabbled before finding their artistic style and voice. Perhaps they still do and don’t show it to the public.

        This is one facet of Samantha’s artwork that I’ve seen–others are quite different, there are some I enjoy more and less than these two pictures she painted with her period blood. Like all artists of any gender, she is dedicated to expression and hones her skills and finds particular strengths through effort and different projects. I consider this a self-reflective study done by a young person working through art.

        I, too, work creatively with my period. This is on this website as a nod to those who haven’t started yet, an invitation to try.

      • that’s all fine and well. If we’re talking about doing portraits or cityscapes or something where there is a level of merit beyond the novelty of the media, that’s a different sort of animal. I might roll my eyes, but I wouldn’t be nearly as irked with it. But the only, ONLY reason this is on anyone’s radar is because of the medium. There is no other quality about these showcased pieces that leads me to believe this “artist” is doing anything more than taking what she believes will be a shortcut to notoriety. There is no evidence of dedication or technique or discipline or even the “expression” that you’re referring to that I can discern.

  3. In my experience as a woman, menstrual periods are often talked about in the context of being disgusting, painful, annoying, or generally taboo, especially when in the company of men. By painting with menstrual blood, it creates a new context to which periods can be talked about. Art is allowed to be about the medium. And in this case, the medium is the art. The shock factor isn’t the point, the point is to encourage new facets to the menstrual period. Anon’s list of women artists are irrelevant to this post, in my opinion. See Ingrid Berthon-Moine for more work with menstrual blood.

  4. V…. I feel like you’re failing as a viewer but also you’re ignorant and being fucking stupid. It speaks heavily to me about creation and possible gender issues of South America. But clearly she wasn’t thinking at all and is just using a “weird” medium. Kudos Samantha.

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