“Bike Path” by Jesse Goosman

frack brine star shine french fries good guys white lies no time your mind divine unwind unlock talk – talk the talk walk the walk walk the line find the time find the power everything that makes you up also makes up a flower makes up an hour a tower sweet and sour dour emotion it puts the lotion in the basket it puts devotion in a casket it hides its face behind a mask it’s full of grace in the sun it basks it’s glass it’s fast it’s past it’s mastery it’s debauchery it’s exhausted me it’s ovaries the bee’s knees the cat’s pajamas gymnastics and door slammers

it’s beautiful it’s ruthless anointed and pointless it’s lost coins and friends missed drinks drank and think tanks and trains of thought and millions of Furbies bought it’s hot it’s a shot in the dark a blood clot in the stark white dawn green lawns and soft fawns pink prawns tom boys and sex toys and empty joys and joyful noise it’s a cloying glove a dead dove it’s love it’s hate it’s your desire to masturbate it’s good it’s bad it’s all we’ve ever had it’s here it’s now in your face in your house it’s life what is it? I just said it – get with it go live it go give it go get it – get wet it’s good it’s wood it should and it shouldn’t if I hadn’t I wouldn’t it’s life
go live it
it’s life
go live it
it’s life
go live it.

Photo by Allison Maloney


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