Wisdom by Tati: nothing much


People are always trying to make something out of nothing. Today I went for a run and I saw Nothing. It was on top of a hill and I stopped to stare at it. The hill overlooked the nothing. There was a fence and I climbed it and sat on it to overlook the nothing. Suddenly there was a hawk flying across it, and the river downhill had fish that I could not see but I knew they were there. Somehow I knew they were part of this nothing, and it made me happy. If only people would stop trying to change the nothing, I thought. It was beautiful and it held everything around me, including me. I raised my hand against the fallen leaves in the background, and my hand was the color of the leaves. I wanted to forget the space in between my hand and the leaves of “nothing” but it was hard when I tried to think of it. Thinking about nothing just got in the way. Instead, suddenly, I stared at it and for a second I was in it, with the background of it, and on top inside of it. I was a person so I was faulty at this concept, and not used to trying not to think about it. Instead I wished that I were the fish that I could not see, in the nothing that held the something that humans try to capture with their hands, which are part of the nothing.

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