Things I Know About Love by Erin Royal

because i have a heart of pudding and considering i grew up watching disney movies literally every day, i think about love a lot.

erinlovehere is what i think i know about love:

i’ve loved someone so much that i have consistently made small and big sacrifices everyday. these are quiet sacrifices of course, because when you love you are grateful and humble. love humbles people. i think under normal circumstances, people are self-serving, and tend to preserve themselves without sacrifice. because of this, the ability to make these sacrifices without thinking twice is so beautiful; love is such a powerful force. putting yourself and your needs aside because you love this other person so much that you would rather see them happy and feeling loved than do what you would have done in any other scenario.

but what is the balance between loving yourself and the other person?
how do you know when you are sacrificing too much?

at 6 a.m. this morning, my niece was crying like she does every other morning because she has a problem with wearing socks and pants. my sister was getting so angry with her because she was about to miss her bus– they go through this all the time. when you get down to it, my sister was just trying to keep her legs and feet warm. protection from the cold. protection from the questions of teachers at school asking her where her little brain is, by not wearing these articles of clothing. the fight manifested in a verbal battle, but it was really a mothers soft wings of love covering the new and fragile skin of her child.

the world can be harsh; love provides protection.

people are particular. but when you love, these kinds of decisions and peculiarities become muddled. that annoying thing that used to bug you about people is all of a sudden kind of an endearing quality in your heart. irksome quirks become tiny memories that later make you smile when you think about someone. this is a small example of acceptance. acceptance in love is accepting the things you can’t change, and loving them anyway.

excuse my rapid fire analysis of these categories of what love is, but to be honest, the most beautiful things i think about when it comes to love are just tiny snippets in a whole life full of love.

the safeness you feel in the morning when you wake up and feel their arm around you, or even just sleeping so soundly next to you. laughter of the ones you love from the next room. the way they look at you.

love can be complex, love can be simple. and love can be somewhere in between.
all we really know is that it’s worth it, in the end, because it’s the only thing that will save us.

Erin Royal isn’t normally this mushy. You can see her photography skills here


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