“Spinning In A Plastic Globe” by Paige Alexis Walters

tumblr_mcmxwcN7R41ryfr5ho1_500How liberating an idea to swear off two years of your life in a foreign land
Spinning a plastic globe
Letting your fingers glide past the ripples of the land’s terrain
Announcing, “This is where I’ll go next.” but likely calling it off when you wind up in the Atlantic
This is spinning the globe with your eyes closed
And when you land on China you think, well, shit
If that’s what you really want
If we’re being honest here I ain’t neva woulda planned this
And in regards to teaching foreign students English
It’s hovering at the top of the list of things
I don’t give a shit about
But a stronger admiration for the natural sequence of events
In my life
And yours
That lead me to wherever I am
At exactly this moment
Trumps all doubt
I’ve cried too many goodbyes
Surrendered too many pieces of my heart in unexpected nooks of the world
To not assume that this is
All part of the plan
Halfway around the sun
And here I am
Return address reading 中国
And although my my confidence is strong
My emotions fluctuate
Particularly on days when Pluto seems relatively closer than home
And my purpose is no clearer than coal covered mountains 50 ft. away
I break down like the countless appliances in my apartment
Pleading for meaning in this all
And with gravity my pleads sink to the earth’s core
Responding, instinctively, with the same answers repeatedly told
Replenishing my walk, soaking the soles of my feet gold
And swifter than a sneeze without a “bless you” I feel rooted and in place
As if each breathe is synchronized with the earth’s rotation itself
These are the moment when gratitude sinks so deep in your skin you feel sad
Because how could you ever have doubted it in the first place?
China is certainly what you may expect
But it is also not
It is mostly not
In a society where nails standing tall must be hammered in place
There’s little room for veganism and political zines
But with every backbreaking downward dog
You can find freedom in that pose
And the Chinese are experts in seeing the sun through the fog
Things you may not have known about China: Most every apartment’s
light fixtures come fully equipped with a purple light mode. Chinese
people use “nigga” as a filler word. Cops drive Volkswagens. Taxis are
green. Dozens of people are found dancing in town squares nightly.
College students still love to hold hands. et cetera. Don’t be upset
about the “nigga” thing. They don’t know.
Paige Alexis Walters is living abroad in China, learning and living and taking photos and Peace Corp-ing. 

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