VIDEO – Jamie Lidell’s “You Naked”

Upon seeing a figure wearing a trenchcoat, I had this sinking feeling I was viewing an elaborate rick-roll. However, that feeling was quickly swept away with the twerkin digitize bass groove of Jamie Lidell‘s latest track. This may be dating myself, Lidell’s “You Naked” reminds me of Bobby Brown’s “My Prerogative“, and New Kids On The Block (NKOTB for those in the know) “Step By Step” –  some of the same funky bounce and high pitched style. Regardless if you like this song or not, it’s the visuals that are really the opus of this video.

The video has no post production. For all intents and purposes it was dumped right to YouTube. What does that mean? Everything you are seeing was captured in the camera. Yes, all the lights. All the visualizations. These are created in the studio using video projection mapping. But that’s so last year.

Flat-e Collective, the creative agency commissioned to create this video, brought it to the next level by making it a realtime interactive projection. Using a motion reactive microphone stand, Jamie Lidell is able to change the lights and patterns to what you see. If this tech mumbo-jumbo is your cup of tea, you can find more information about the process here.

“You Naked” can be found on Lidell’s, self-titled album, released in February on Warp Records. If you’re a fan of Beck, check out this remix he did of Lidell’s “Completely Exposed.”

Review by Michale Sevy


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