If you haven’t noticed by now, we’re under hiatus while the first print issue of RASCAL is (finally!) in the final stages of printing.

It’s not for lack of want because if we had it our way, the only thing we would do all day, every day is indulge in creative efforts. As of right now, being Big Girls requires that we pay the upmost attention at our jobs, our mental and physical well being, and spending all other free time calling our moms or sleeping. Consider this post a death to our internet anxieties and an explanation for those who are wondering if we have died.

Nope, not dead! Working on print and working on work and wishing we had more ice cream. Cyn is in Chicago just got in to graduate school and had her film, Chez La Fleuriste, accepted in to the Yuma Film Festival. Alli just moved to Sacramento to work for The Shriver Report and recently ate Top Ramen for all three meals of her day by choice, not necessity. We sit in front of computers for our $$$$$$$$$$ and honestly, it  sucks to feel lethargic about showing off cool stuff when you’re supposed to feel inspired.

We need a break so RASCAL is fun again.

If you have submitted your art, photos or words and are waiting to be posted, we haven’t forgotten about all of you. Hopefully when we return from this hiatus, we will have a clear vision of our editorial calendar and a renewed enthusiasm for sharing your talent on the web. Who knows? One of us may have free time and post something tomorrow. (If you really want this to happen, please tell a boss of ours and promptly get laughed at.)

Interested in joining the good stuff to come? Email your crap to rascalmag@gmail.com.

You’ll be seeing us soon.

– Al & Cyn 

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