VIDEO — Jackson Scott, “That Awful Sound”

nauticoSeep into a psychedelic coming-of-age story, familiar by way of solo bike rides, crying next to graffiti and getting laid under portraits of the Virgin Mary.

If you’ve been with us from the start, you have probably noticed that the nautico filmmaking crew is an integral part of this RASCAL family. Despite the close ties, we were taken aback and blown away by their latest effort, a music video for Jackson Scott‘s “That Awful Sound.” This surrealist stream of shots premiered on earlier this week and has been on constant replay in our cubicles, for reasons you’ll discover when you press ‘play‘.

There is so much to love about Jackson Scott: he’s from North Carolina (Asheville, to be specific), he’s on Fat Possum Records, and holy shit, that mother fucking voice. His debut LP, Melbourne, was released last month with high praise for his creepy, sometimes-distorted vocals and moody guitar.

The narrative of this video, crafted up by Scott and nautico filmmakers John Heeg and Chris Westlund, beautifully highlights the winding weirdness of growing up. Elation, guilt, pain, resolution, white lilies that drip trippy onto your mom’s favorite doily.

Fucked up, perfect and exhausted. Just like being 16.

by Alli Maloney

Want to know more about the concept behind the video? Check out nautico’s behind the scenes details on Tumblr. 



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