RASCAL Magazine stopped giving a shit around 1997, somewhere between making out with an N*SYNC poster and finding our dad’s copy of Nevermind. A return to reality, RASCAL is a collaborative creation aimed to shake you back to life. Art, culture, photography, design, and prose that stings like a finger prick. Wake up with us.

Photo courtesy of The Athens News

We all go a little mad sometimes.

There may be numerous reasons for that. For one, the amount of mind-numbing articles focused on Kim Kardashian’s rump is entertaining, but obscene. Moreover, the number of times your mom forbids you to “artistically express yourself” because of “prospective employers” may travel into unforgiving territory and also aid in the sabotaging of your consciousness (she has a point, but still).

Your co-founders did indeed “find themselves” while sitting over coffee and not only discussing our illogical obsession with superfluous content, but also criticizing the agonizing safety which penetrates our pages and screens. We are young, we are eager, we are curious. We are interested in each others’ stories, we are prompted to look into eyes, we are talking. Why not utilize the platforms we have been given to bear our truth? Why not engage in a public conversation that is honest and provocative –and typically buried within Saturday night’s drink specials?

RASCAL was created to serve as an emotionally and aesthetically intriguing collection of literature, art, and cultural commentary, aiming to both inspire and connect with readers who are hungry for a little more truth and grit.

Our identity is subtly with teeth. As humans, we are personified substance and attitude. As creators, we strive to be the same.

Your former high school cheerleaders and Executive Editors, Allison Maloney and Cynthia Robinson

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